About Us

About Us

We are the organization that provides complete Heat Treatment solution for Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials since the year-2006.Our facility accumulate more than 10 furnaces which give us upper hand to provide both QUANTITY & QUALITY SERVICES. We do processes like Gas Carburizing, Hardening , Tempering, Normalizing , Annealing, Solution Annealing , Precipitate Hardening , S.R. & N.Q.T.. Our root experience in the field is more than 25 years and with the latest technologies the organization is growing day by day to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with zero defect in services that we provide to our customers.

We can do :

  • S.R.(Stress Relieving),
  • Normalizing,
  • Annealing, 
  • Spherodized Annealing,
  • Soln.Annealing,
  • Ppt. Hardening,
  • Carburising,
  • Carbonitriding,
  • Toughning,
  • N.Q.T.
  • Hardening & Tempering.

We can heattreated to Ferrous Alloys & Nonferrous also. Heat Treatment process for cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Industry like Forging, Auto Manufacture, Machine Tools, Valve Manufacture, Investment Casting, Sand Casting etc. 

Materials like En-1,8,9,18,19,24,31,32,36,42,56,353,354 etc. 

SAE-1018,1040,1050,4140,8615,8620,52100, SCM420,D2,D3,H11 Etc.

INDIAN STADARD-C20,40,C55Mn1S14 etc.,

DIN STANDARD-CK-45,16MnCr5,50CrMo4 etc.

Stainless Steel like CA-15,CA-40,SS410,316,420,CF-3,CF-8, CF8M,1.4408,4A,6A etc

Carbon Steel like WCB,LCB,WCC,A1,A4 CA6NM etc.

The Organisation is a Partnership. Omprakash Singh & Anand Kumar Singh both are partner of this organization. Omprakash Singh is Science graduate . He have been working last 25 years in heat treatment process in various company like Bhuvneshwari Heat Treaters, Intricast Pvt Ltd. Anand Singh is graduate. He have been working last 17 years in heat treatment process in various company like Bhuvneshwari Heat Treaters, Echjay Steel Ltd.